CB1 naming service

Since v1.0.0, CB1 Blockly for Tablets adds the support of user naming. It consists of two parts, CB1 selection window and customize naming.

CB1 selection window

This window will appear when app launched, or when you click ‘CB1’ button in panel area. It will scan nearby area for CB1s which are in ready to connect status (ie. constant lit blue LED on CB1 core controller). These discovered CB1 can be connected and will have a ‘connect’ button in the row to connect app with the specific CB1.

Name lookup and changing

In rows of discovered CB1, the app will try to query if the CB1 has ever be named by any user. This is a feature for many CB1 core controllers operating in close range - so that the app would need to be able to distinguish their identity. This names are sync’d over Internet, so you can rename once and see the last defined name show on other devices.

This feature works best on iOS devices. For Android environment, it depends on BLE capability support and some device might not be able to qeury name successfully. Also, Internet access is mandatory for this feature.