external power

If you were heavy user keep building new models, you will soon find the necessity to find a more durable solution than AA battery packs. Recharble batteries are certinaly a viable option, but recharging still takes time and the desire to innovate can’t wait for long, sometimes. Fortunately CB1 control box comes with external power interface to address this.

It’s a common extra-low voltage DC connector. The mechanical dimension is:

  • ID (inside diameter) = 2.0mm
  • OD (outside diameter) = 6.0mm

Polarity wise inside is positive, outside is negative.

Regarding to power supply, it’s a little bit more tricky. The design voltage input is 5 Volt. While the electric current needed depends on the model you’re building. If the model requires full power output from all actuators (ie. all motor modules might be stucked and requires the maximum torque to break through), then the power supply has to be chosen carefully. We have seen peak values of electric current reach between 2.6 ~ 3 Amp. Do proceed with care if you’re trying to connect to external power supply.

As a reference, most mobile phone or tablet chargers (adapters) supply around 2 Amp at 5 Volt. While some quick charger might go up close to 3 Amp or more.

One DIY trick to offer is, you can easily use a femal USB connector to quickly hack one charger for your CB1 if you don’t mind soldering a little bit.

A quick hack will look like following:

Dreaming about unlimited power?