program save feature v1.0.0

One major change in CB1 Blockly v1.0.0 is to change user program save/load feature. The original design is to minimize user textual input, even for programing saving/load, by pre-allocate sets of save slots. Before v0.9, t2t engineers ask oursevles, what would be the best way for young programmers to try out visual programming? Some thinks that it’s actually quite difficult to give meaningful names to either variables, subroutines, or programs. To name something in brief and meaningful way, is a skill to be picked up later in programming practice. Probably gets easier when concept of angebra properly taught.

Nevertheless, we resopnd to such feedbacks from classroom usages by adding this ‘prgoram naming change’ feature in v1.0.0 hoping that teachers would guide young users through this seemingly easy yet complicated naming practice.

  • click Save button on panel

  • click Load button on panel