knob calibration

The knob control on CB1 control box provides a handy physical input source. It’s based on variable resistors on the circuit. Sometimes resistence value read on the underlying MCU might need calibration, as do most analogue signal sources. Hence we added knob calibration feature since CB1 Blockly v1.0.0
When CB1’s connected via BLE or USB, you can click on the knob gauge on panel area to start knob calibration. When the calibration window popped up, you can see two gauges, the upper shows ‘raw’ input value, which is the value directly read by MCU inside control box. The lower one shows the calibrated value. It utilizes the stored calibration minimum and maximum value, and calculated via linear calibration function.

If the value has been set previously, you can see on values of varibles named ‘knobCalibMin’ and ‘knobCalibMax’. If you find the calibrated (lower) value guage still show incorrect numbers when you turn to CW and CCW dead points. you can press ‘Reset calibration value’ to re-calibrate it again.